Kids? Ya, some day

That’s me. I know that I want to be a mom someday.

Do I think that I am a fit? Not very. Do I think that I am motherly? Not at all.

It’s not that I woke up and said, “I want to be a mom”. It was something that I just knew. Maybe I want a little version of myself running around. Maybe I want to know that I can make an impact in the world through someone. Or more importantly, that I can take care of someone…to a level that I will never have ever.

It’s a fundamental belief and it can be a dealbreaker.

1 thought on “Kids? Ya, some day

  1. It has been hard for me to make the choice, and I think I’m sitting at a spot where I can say that some day I would like to have kids also. For the longest time, I was adamant about NOT having them.

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