2012: This year’s 5 minutes

Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2012 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2012.

2011 5 minutes and 2010 5 minutes

  • Going to CES with Greg and inviting Chris along to spend an oddly joyful moments in Vegas
  • Seeing O for the first time in Vegas
  • Planning on my monthlong travel to Europe and New York, collecting advice and connecting with friends of friends
  • Anti-Valentine’s day dinner with Daniel and his housemates in London
  • Getting to know Martin better; someone who I only met on Facebook and only introduced because we both loved Foster the People
  • The consecutive Airbnb experiences in Europe
  • Interviewing at Foursquare and realizing that NYC was not my thing
  • Taking the layoff package from Palm and…moving on
  • Going on an overnight bike tour to Pointe Reyes and staying at the Marconi Conference Center (the former location of my high school AGATE program)
  • Enjoying the experience in Drakes Bay Farm with oysters and the like
  • Realizing how tearful and frustrating an experience can be on a bike ride can be
  • How my contract at Barnes & Noble as an interaction designer…truly…really changed my life
  • Meeting another Jenn at bike party
  • Realizing that nature really is not for me and sticking to it; rejecting an opportunity camp outside of Yosemite
  • Starting my ice cream travel guide project
  • Visiting Vancouver with Shipra and Jeff
  • Doing my ice cream research in Vancouver and Seattle
  • Continuing ice cream research in Ohio…and telling my family about my current endeavors
  • Spending a night with a dairy plant owner and his family outside of Columbus, Ohio
  • Taking a “sabbatical” from user experience to allow for flexibility for my project (but allowing opportunities for freelance projects)
  • Rediscovering my love of writing through various writing workshops and classes
  • Traveling to Taiwan, Philippines, Argentina and Uruguay with various important people in my life
  • Watching more movies than I ever have this year
  • Making ice cream (from my 31 flavors project) and delighting friends with the results
  • Letting go who I thought was an important person but who really was a burden on my soul
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