2020: Moments

Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2020 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2020.

2019 5 minutes, 2018 5 minutes, 2017 5 minutes, 2016 5 minutes, 2015 5 minutes, 2014 5 minutes, 2013 5 minutes, 2012 5 minutes, 2011 5 minutes, and 2010 5 minutes

  • When they announced shelter in place
  • When they called it at Four Seasons Total Landscaping
  • Biden winning Arizona
  • Getting accepted to Tin House
  • Getting accepted to VONA
  • Co-leading the BIPOC community at Tin House
  • Reading at a BIPOC event at Tin House
  • Workshop at Tin House
  • Getting published at Quiet Lighting
  • Reading at Quiet Lighting
  • Reading at Novalia
  • Taking a class on Cathy Park Hong’s Minor Feelings
  • Making sourdough bread the first time
  • Making sourdough bread and it turned out well
  • Making a dutch baby
  • Birthday zoom
  • Animal Crossing and having people on the island on birthday
  • Meeting people on animal crossing
  • Getting Animal Crossing and switch
  • First day at new job
  • Eating at cafe of new job
  • New writing group
  • going to Orr hot springs
  • Getting po po big watch
  • po po funeral and burial
  • Doing The Artist’s Way
  • Taking the shuttle to new job
  • Winning trivia night organized by Becca
  • Watching lots of TV
  • Watching Tenet
  • Seeing Chris getting Tenet from Santa
  • Getting first covid test
  • Getting second covid test
  • Getting negative results each time
  • Seeing parents for the first time in their backyard since March
  • Having dinner with parents in early March against our recommendations
  • Waiting in line for House of Prime Rib on Thanksgiving
  • Having Farmhouse Thai birthday (remote) celebration
  • Having fancy eats from San Ho Won
  • Having first take home meal from Han Il Kwan
  • Having Claws of Mantis
  • Having the basque cheesecake
  • Giving a Pecha Kucha at work research summit
  • Writing and workshopping How to Grieve essay based on my experiences in the pandemic and Po Po’s passing
  • Reading a truncated essay of that at a Minor Feelings reading

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