2019: Moments

Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2019 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2019.

2018 5 minutes, 2017 5 minutes, 2016 5 minutes, 2015 5 minutes, 2014 5 minutes, 2013 5 minutes, 2012 5 minutes, 2011 5 minutes, and 2010 5 minutes

  • Learning about Chris’ bike accident and then ER
  • My nephew Jakobe being born
  • Trip to Tokyo especially Hokkaido despite the freezing weather and Tokyo — day with the Waldos and…yes alas getting separated
  • Getting a promotion
  • Deciding to quit the job
  • Interviewing at many places and refining my narrative
  • Litcrawl with my new writing group
  • Having dinner and coffee with Jenny
  • Going to Portland for XOXO despite having challenges with Chris
  • Going to New York despite Chris’ noise issues
  • Standing up to badly behaving coworker when he said something inappropriate
  • All my great research projects at work especially personas, abandoners, and consumers
  • Cinderella bike ride in the east bay…for the third time, I think
  • Going to Yosemite despite it not being the best
  • Hike in the Pinnacales…
  • That pseudo proposal with a ring pop!
  • Creating our holiday video, especially the concept and editing process
  • Having my short story workshopped at the CCSF writing class and realizing that hey, my story actually really works and other people really admire it
  • Being on the healthcare panel

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