In the past week in San Francisco…

…I witnessed the following. Most of which was while waiting in line for a hip and trendy breakfast restaurant, coming out of the theater after watching the Hobbit, and living in the Mission. Nothing really out of the ordinary for me.

  • An undercover cop car shakedown of a seemingly homeless guy on 6th street where the undercover cop took the joint the guy was smoking and threw it on the ground; handcuffed the guy and searched him; then unhandcuffed him when a patrol car pulled up
  • Patrol car with uniformed officers handcuffed the guy and arrested him for “we heard reports that you were pulling a knife on people”
  • An ambulance careening around the corner to help a hapless drunken guy sitting in the alley
  • A bloody fight at the Metreon between fathers (?) who was fighting over someone’s daughter who received an insult in the restroom; security guards were on scene telling all patrons to avoid moving closer and police officers were running up the escalators as we exited
  • Waking up to low-flying helicopters early in the morning where by searching Twitter nearby that deadly collision occurred as a result of a fleeing vehicle a few blocks from my apartments and at an intersection that I frequented for my favorite restaurant
  • Tragedies. Mortality. And then, the scum of this society.

    I chose to live in this city, knowing that. And still after 6 years, I accept it.

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