She doesn’t drink!

So on Girls (my latest TV show favorite), Hannah doesn’t drink. Because “bad things happen when I do”.

To say the least, I was floored. In her 20s? Really?

A friend of mine recently decided to be sober as a new year’s resolution (after drinking too much and sleeping through new year’s eve internationally). When he told me about his resolution (despite the fact that I should fully support him), I had my doubts that he would do it. It has been slightly more than 2 weeks and he is still completely dry.

Honestly, I am not quite sure why I have such issues with the whole concept of alcohol. Every so often, I convince myself that it’s because I see it as a poison and a ridiculous “handicap” that people use for things they wanted to do (without it). But I become so…so…fearful when thrusted in a situation of alcohol. Networking events, especially, where there is an expectation to fit in. I look ridiculous as I sputter (or try to whisper) to the server…umm…anything without alcohol? It’s almost easier to order water. Especially when it’s at a place with one drink minimum.

Everyone eats, but not everyone drinks.

So I was shocked that it came up as an everyday issue in Girls. Because I have always seen that chugging a beer or wine was a very twenty-something thing to do especially as a hipster in NYC. It’s the thing that got people in bad relationships and ruined jobs, the kind of thing that happens frequently in the twenties. But this wasn’t the case. For anything bad that happened, it was just purely insecurity, fear and immaturity. Not even alcohol to blame. I admire that.

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