When the burden is lifted…

…you can see. For real.

The weight is finally gone. So you can walk, run, move freely. Your shoulders and back don’t ache with the soreness. You have this wonderful skip in your step—that used to be present a year ago. A year ago right before the weight arrived.

Your eyes are not so…focused in a tunnel. You can see on both sides. You see straight ahead and to the side—both left and right. It’s so open from here. You spot goals in the horizon. The destinations. Excitement is so thrilling. You can’t wait until you get there, because you never noticed it before.

The smells. Well, you smelled the same thing over and over again previously. You didn’t know that it was possible for other things. You smell flowers, you smell the disgusting smell from the benches, you smell the wet streets, you smell the burning of pine cones. It’s all so wonderful and so overwhelming, but now you have the freedom to be…overcome with all the sensations.

I am so glad that my burden is away.

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