The saga of candy crush

“Candy crush saga almost ruined my company,” a friend once declared, describing his co-founder’s obsession.

Hearing that, I was intrigued. Throughout my life, various casual games have passed through my hands. Chibo Robo, Animal Crossing and Fat Princess were the rare ones that stayed with my hands…for awhile. Yet, they too drifted away. But they never did occupy my time at night.

At my first real job, a coworker was trying to understand nighttime rituals for a new product experience. And I simply described my post-college evening ritual. After returning from work (or an evening out), I automatically spent an hour or two on my computer—chatting with friends, socializing, browsing. Then as sleep fell upon me, I brushed my teeth then retire to bed. Instead of a book that once occupied my mind right before sleeping…for many years, back then, I would start playing games on the Nintendo DS (note this is before the era of iPhones). I told him, “It’s to get myself really tired.”

Years later, I find myself falling into similar behavior. My friends have grown up drifting away from the need for connection online. I have too, appreciating the solace and the silence offered by sitting at my computer. I love wrapping myself into a burrito while I drift into sleep. But suddenly, because of that initial intrigue, the casual game before sleep came back.

It’s dangerous.

When I first played the game, the colors reminded me of my one only vice. Sugar. Candy. With every match of the candies, I could feel a candy crunch satisfyingly in my mind. As the candies fell on the board, the ooze and the kick felt so real in my teeth. I could even feel the tingle at the tip of my gums. Lately, I have been on the levels with the chocolate growing like funghi. And today, I truly faltered and found myself at a Safeway, buying chocolate, unable to resist.

So today in a few moments after writing a bit more in my major project, I will retire to bed with candy crush saga helping me to drift away.

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