I am going to crush now

I really mean candy crush. That is, Candy Crush Saga.

Just to be clear, I have not fallen to the prey of easy micro payments.

As a lover of sweets, I was drawn to the candy part. The sounds of the candy being crushed appealed to my sweet tooth. And my weakness and impatience for sucking on candies. I naturally just eat most hard candies in one bite. Moreover, the candy crush sound effect massages my happy place (in my mind). Every single time.

With every crush, I feel the taste of a lemon drop, a chiclet, a blueberry jelly bean, a cinnamon jellybean and a purple candy. It doesn’t help that I pretty much have similar candy that I arbitrarily purchased in Philadelphia in May, sitting on my desk. They’s shaped like fish. But every time that I look at them, I think CANDY CRUSH SAGA.

I would love to say that I have very good self-control for not dipping into micropayments of 99 cents for extra boosts and extra lives. Yet the primary reason that I cannot is that I don’t have the password for my iTunes account (complicated reason).

But if I did, would I submit to addiction? Would I see more candies being crushed every moment? The fact is that the “energy buildup” game mechanic tickles my want-to-play center. It’s as if the game was designed for my psychology. That it understood what made me crave and desire. Too much.

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