I do live in a bubble

Not to anyone’s surprise, I live in a bubble.

Although I would like to believe that I relate to any middle class person, I live like the upper middle class. When I watch my behavior and observe my preferences, they are stereotypically white and upper class. I barely know anybody who makes a working class wage (beyond my second cousins and a former friend—indeed, the former friend and I had a falling out because of our differences in our approach to finances). I barely watch any standard mainstream TV shows, because simply I don’t like it. I don’t like the mainstream movies, except big blockbusters of action and excitement. I rarely buy any name brand products and I refuse to eat in chain restaurants. If I had a choice (and endless budgeting), everything I eat would be organic, farm-raised, and free-range.

I am a San Franciscan. I eat at taquieras when I feel cheap. I eat at fancy pants Japanese Izakaya restaurants when I have money to spend. Then I spend time watching independent films, especially those from foreign countries. I love subtitles and wish that they were everywhere. I love small businesses and try not to frequent big box retailers. If I could, I wouldn’t drive a car…and a car does not represent who I am.

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