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“They think that they’re dating an eligible bachelor who is fourth in line for the throne…but he’s just some normal guy.”

A pretend prince. A bloke in other words. I have barely watched reality TV since it all began. Well with the fury that was Survivor and Temptation Island. And how can we forget Joe Millionaire?

I’ll tell the truth right now. I watch I wanna marry Harry.

This TV show contrasts all the other shows that I watch. It’s the moment of self-indulgence that happens to me every few years. The kind of entertainment that equates to popular earworm songs that you wouldn’t want to admit to everyone you know. The kind that people would make fun of you for.

But I’ll say it here: I am watching trashy TV. Why? I am not quite sure. I almost just want to watch gullibility that is shown bright and bold on network TV. I want to watch schadenfreude play out in front of me. I want to observe stupidity, drama, and how Americans perceive royalty.

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