Having the same name as someone else

Most people here don’t know, but my first and last name is very common. As an early adopter of gmail, I took a username that was highly coveted. Without numbers or any additional letters.

But the worst part, years later, when many have migrated to using the Google service are messages not meant for me. I have received cruise vacation tickets, tutoring invitations, a parent reaching out to another parent with a baby with down syndrome, e-commerce shopping confirmations, pinterest accounts, bacheleorette party inviations, last-minute birthday dinners…

And so much more. Every time, I always think, “Who is being stupid this time?” The fact that the other email address could not be spelled? The fact that after multiple requests I am part of a group email or dinner invitations.

What’s interesting is that most of the correspondence isn’t that interesting. What does it really say about human communication? That perhaps, it’s boring without context. If we’re trapped, we aren’t engaged and lack caring.

At the very least, I would like to receive some drama. Just like that one time when an angry wife called me thinking that I was the other woman. Whoops.

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