On a whim, I decided to unblock everybody on my aim list except for THIS ONE WOMAN FROM NYC OMG SHE WAS SO ANNOYING THAT SHE DESERVES TO BE BLOCKED *COUGH*

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  1. I DIDN\’T SAY I WOULD. I just didn\’t get used to the music yet. :( sobby. It\’s too late now, isn\’t it. I couldn\’t have made it nonetheless, because obligation to a club and omg a MARY KAY PARTY.

  2. why are you going to a Mary Kay Party?? Are you one of their salespersons?

  3. lol I wasn\’t really blocked :p Miz CAT D was trying to starf a BEEF ! well, not really… BUT OMG it was NEARLY a INTERNET DRAMA !!!!! :p

    Hey Jenn, we create too much drama!

  4. my friend\’s friend is inviting a mary kay rep and having a party. DRAMAZ.

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