BIRTHDAY WISH LIST AGAIN (since my b-day is coming up very soon!) Interesting that from last year, I got the majority of the list now.

disclaimer: I am not greedy. I would personally prefer PRESENCE over PRESENTS.

1. presence of all my friends on my birthday! :D
2. an impressive gpa at Berkeley
3. portable music player (I probably would buy this one on my own…)
4. an ibook
5. hand-written letters in the (snail) mail
6. a nice internship/research position during the summer
7. airplane ticket to Minny Soda and/or Michigan (__ *cough* New YAWK)
8. a maid for my apartment (hey wanna clean my apartment for me?)
9. DEE VEE DEES to add to my collection of only ONE DVD
10. to rule the world and yours too
11. to write my autobiography and publish it
12. a new stalkee. I need to practice my stalking skillz.
13. a segway, plz
14. copies of The Catcher in the Rye
15. a pass to the Sundance Film Festival!
16. CANDY. CANDY!!!! (thx to cheez for reminding me of the omg cannot miss item)
17. sunglasses (no trendy!)

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  1. i thought you already had a copy of catcher in the rye? beepie? What kinds of DVDs do u want? Listeee!!! Make a list of 10 ok? thanks. requiem for a dream? did u want a beta too to replace linux?

  2. \”9. DEE VEE DEES to add to my collection of only ONE DVD

    14. copies of The Catcher in the Rye\”

    Maybe I should get you Conspiracy Theory. :)

  3. Yes dinh yes, but seriously you don\’t have to get me anything. :D The movie wasn\’t THAT great though…

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