Since 2012, society wouldn’t think that I had a real job

It all started when a colleague told me she only worked Monday through Thursday, “because why not?” I was immediately intrigued and jumped at the idea. The way I could control my hours and my work. The fact that at many of my full-time jobs, I spent so much time waiting for someone or something…that I didn’t get anything done. The idea that I could feel free to spend that time not feeling guilty about doing non-work things was very attractive. Even more so that I would be paid for the hours that I actually worked. At a rate that I set. All golden!

Then fast forward to 2016. I finished my book and despite another novel in the works, I am hesitant to continue freelancing. Having a job does help me focus, especially in writing. Writing becomes less of a chore and more of a hobby. The kind of thing that I could say “let’s do it…just for fun!”

So I worked hard to find a full-time gig. That one? This one? What’s going on? Let’s talk. Let’s figure out something together. Let’s fine tune this. Until ready for it…I got an offer.

I am not sure what will change and what I will have to do differently. I am not sure what it means for my professional career. Or my writing career. Or how this will function. But what I have to do is to make a decision. And that’s all I can do.

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