Hot Takes

During shelter-in-place, I realized that there are certain things that I am starting to appreciate (of course, recognizing my privilege) which are:

  • Regular baking and cooking schedule
  • Not missing large gatherings of people—why did I think that I enjoy those large crowds of people???
  • Traveling. As someone who flew across the world for various purposes, the ache of traveling is something that still stays with me. Beyond the glossy photos of food and sights, I cannot unremember the lack of sleep, the uncomfortable beds, the long traveling times, and potentially in the future, visa issues. But I do the miss the discovery of new foods and the serendipity of new experiences
  • Not missing small talk at all. Every communication now is intentional! For a very valid purpose. So I don’t want to revert to a world where I have to do aimless conversation at a party where I am really just there to see the host!
  • Ability to escape parties by a click of a button than negotiating complicated social graces
  • The fact that socialization can still work with small groups. Look how I turned out!
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