2022: Next Step

When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?

In 2010, it was about dream making. In 2011, it was about sticking to my boundaries. In 2012, it was about being true. In 2013, it was about embracing fear. In 2014, it was sitting my butt down and writing. In 2016, it was about leading. In 2017, it was about persistence. In 2018, it was about seeing the big picture. In 2019, it was about moving on (on my own terms). In 2020, it was about valuing the things (and people) I love. In 2021, it was about deciding the next thing.

My next step is about executing. I did all the things this year to lay the foundation or so I hope. I got my novel going, with some momentum. I got a new job with clear interest, not like tepid interest and it seems like good people. I got people around me that I trust. So quite naturally, it’s about using the foundation to get me closer to where I want to go.

I hope that I will actually finish the next draft and get ready to send it out. Then do the thing with the job with satisfaction and grow the way I want to grow and not feel defined by what they want. And of course, lean into my community and fall less into those fatalistic moments.

Earlier this year, a mentor suggested that I really relish the community, that I am almost need it. I balked at her comment, because I didn’t think that I need people. But I realize that it’s not that I need them, I can do almost all these things on my own. But I do better with them. I do better if I have a community around me for accountability, for validation, and for care. I am not giving person, admittingly, but I am a receiving person. So yeah, I am ready to receive and reach my goals.

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