2022: Everything’s OK

What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?

In 2021, it was all the small moments that validates that I’ll be fine even if it was a tiered rejection letter. In 2020, it was when a product leader called attention to the quality of my work. In 2019, it was when I left my job and when Chris comforted me that we are ok. In 2018, it was realizing my own qualities. In 2017, it was giving advice in hopes of inspiring others. In 2016, it was the moment that when immersed in the election aftermath that anything could change. In 2015, it was the moment when I realized that I could finish Ice Cream Travel Guide. In 2014, it was when I wrote a well-crafted piece (that I read to a live audience 11 months later). In 2013, it was when light shone in the face of despair. In 2012, it was when I stood up for myself. In 2011, it was a moment of clarity, sincere belief and friendship. In 2010, it was an action of commitment.

It was the moment that my plan (or really my hopes for the year) started happening. Partly, it was when I was invited to do a part-time job with people that I had admired forever. Then it was being invited to a speak at an international conference (and was surprised that it was fully supported). Then it was being invited to not just one, not just two, but three writing workshops during the summer. There were other little things along the way too.

In the past year, I reflected on the fact that I had built a foundation so that the year wouldn’t be bad. Because of those things that I had planned, if I had not set them in motion from the previous years with intentions, the year could have just been bad. With two medical stuffs. With swirling bad stuff all around us, it could have just been a very bad year. With other things that happened out of bad luck, it could have just been a bad year. (Although in some perspectives, that could have been any year!) But I was fine. Chris is fine.

Of course, if you look at that foundation, it is due to privilege. I have a huge safety net, not only financially, but socially. I was buoyed by the fact that if I failed, it was fine. I was going to survive. And in that respect, I took the risks because failure was actually an option and it would be a soft landing.

If you look at where I was last year, I am about in the same place. I have rarely or probably never backslided. and it’s all subjective if I moved forward. Failure is probably more about self-destructive behavior. And it’s not that at all. I will make it!

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