Printing posters 3 ft x 4 ft is such a pain even though CMU SCS has attempted to make it easy. I seriously believe that there could be a better interaction (and interface) for printing.

Perhaps, the interaction should be like this:
1. transfer the document to a box or some kind of document-like object
2. set the results visually through touch and manipulation of the object
3. take that object and tap it against the printer
4. and boom magical printout!

That\’s the kind of interaction that should be used instead of the pain of drivers, networking, connections, miscommunication of the printout.

I am just complaining because yesterday when we tried to pick up the printer at 8:00 pm, nobody opened the door. Elena left two (nasty) messages. They finally called back. We asked them about their hours and they said, \”We\’re open 24 hours!\” *cough*

The CMU carnival is here! But unfortunately I am leaving for CHI in Montreal tomorrow morning. If anybody else is going to CHI, I will be participating in the student design competition with 3 other students which has its poster presentation monday evening as well as tuesday morning. Then if we get to the second round, the talk will be on Wednesday at 11:30 am. I am also presenting the poster of a works-in-progress paper with da azn bish on Wednesday morning. Find me! Although I am not sure if I want to be using my cell phone while roaming internationally…

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