I can only hope one day to be as uncompromising as you.

Look in the dictionary under the word intangible and you know what you’ll find? The definition of intangible, which is Chris. (lol, neat little movie reference, heh)

Chris is so unpredictable, so unbelievable, so remarkable, that he simply defies convention no matter how well you think you know him. He literally does it all, anything and everything, and yet never fails to be unassuming and unpretentious throughout it all. There are very few people who would say they’d jump off a bridge for a friend, but Chris is the only one i know who has actually done it!

How many guys do you know who’ll sweep a stranger off her feet and into a tango at a school function? Or dedicate a chapter to you in a book he has written? Or fight off an armed robber with his bare hands? Or give a toast as a gentleman of honor at your wedding? Or geez, even arrange a personal around the world trip on his own dime??? *huffpuff*

I first read the Friendster testimonal 2.5 years ago, automatically recoiling in mixture of awe and anguish. It sounded genuine, true and honest. Even with all the embellishments, I remember thinking how could I…of all people…be the one.

I am happy and proud to be with someone who can change lives like that. And is admired.

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