Why Vegas?

Ever since my sister started her last and final optometry rotation in the VA in Las Vegas, I said, “I WILL VISIT YOU!”

Except that…I have a tendency to have rose-colored glasses on. I have been to Vegas at least 10 different times. All those times were with my parents. Visiting the casinos as a kid because my parents were really good deal sniffers. Playing in original theme park at MGM grand in the nineties. Playing in Circus Circus. Eating the cheap buffets. Watching cabaret shows (at the time, these were the cheapest). Going to the Rising Stars comedy club when I didn’t understand how comedy shows work and falling asleep during the show, but being afraid that I’ll be called out.

Why do people visit? The food. The clubs. The debauchery. The ample gambling. The shows. The buffets. The penny slots. The high stakes tables. The luxury. The beautiful people. The feeling of another world.

Staying off the strip at my sister’s place…it’s almost none of those that appeal to me. Not yet anyway…

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  1. Don’t forget drinking 24 hours and having open containers of alcohol on the street

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