And then I wanted to do a surprise party too

In my pompous, self-entitled state a few months ago, I made the odd request, “Will you throw a surprise party for me?”

Then I compiled a list of people I would invite and passed it off as “here’s a list of peeps in case you would need to contact some in dire need”

Then a few weeks later, I retracted on my request, realizing how inane it was and threw my own miracle berry party instead.

A surprise party is best when the organizer is a true organizer, a true planner, one who loves planning. And that the guest of honor is caught unawares and is pleasantly surprised. But how does the the organizer gather the names? How does the organizer not grab the wrong Rolodex or accidentally leave people out?

And most of all, how do you throw a surprise party for someone who has friends ranging from the conservative Christians to Mexican gangsters to celeb-status people with a high 6 digit salary to the lowly janitor met during a bored moment at a party? In my world, the best part of throwing a party is having people from all walks of life gather together…and get along. I love it when friends find something in common and befriend each other. It’s one of the joys of parties for me.

And yet, I realize that a lot of my friends happen to be the same. The designers. The slightly academic. The hipsters. And asian. I don’t deviate that much. And when I do venture into a territory of people not matching those areas…I suddenly feel so out of place. I get angry at myself that I am truly not that diverse.

And so what about a surprise party for someone who has a diverse set of friends? One where he purposefully keeps everyone separate? I always wonder what a wedding would be like. To invite them all? Or be selective and careful about seating arrangements.

I wish I could befriend people out of my comfort zone better. How do I talk up the store cashier anyway? When the only word that stumbles out of my mouth are “No bag” and “Thanks”.

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