Modern relationships here and now

You grow to love each other, an article described arranged marriages. And that’s the journey when both the husband and wife are looking forward to growing into love.

It stuck me as I watched the movie (500 Days) of Summer today with Daisy.

spoiler alert

I can’t recall the many times that I found myself deluded into thinking this is what I want. And to find that 3 months later, I was foolish to think that I was right.

There was an entire year in Pittsburgh where I had one single person in mind. I did everything in my willpower even when everything seemed to fail. The many awkward moments and ignoring the I am not ready for this. There was one poignant moment I remember at a party…where not because of alcohol (since I obviously didn’t drink any), I suddenly felt comfortable asking a question as the music was pumping, people were dancing around us in the basement of the house.

To my surprise, anger was returned accusing me of asking a question when inebriation was imminent. That I was taking advantage of the situation. I remember leaving the party, licking my wounds.

About four months later, I returned to California. Then two months after, I realized how foolish I was.

The movie spoke of fate and destiny. But to me, it was the world that we create when we think we find the one. I believe that we create our own fate—that we have choices to make. There is always one path where almost nothing will happen and then the other where a connection…although small may change your life.

This is one reason why I have trouble saying no.

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