Question from TV Shows #1

Because I have been mandated to try out comcast digital cable for the next two months, I have fallen in the habit of watching a lot of TV every night. Which also means that my brain feels somewhat less sharp than it used to. Not that it was very sharp to begin with.

*alert: spoilers possible*

From the most recent episode of Glee:

Can you get pregnant in a hot tub?

It sounded like a fable. An old wives’ tale. But as I watched the episode, I immediately googled “pregnant hot tub”. I got mixed answers from sperm loving the hot tub environment to deadly chemicals to sperm. What’s the answer if the interwebz don’t help.

Also, how many sad, naive teenagers will go online to either realize the answer based on poorly formed answers on Yahoo answers or research it thoroughly to find a medically credible website?

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