Question from TV Shows #3:

From the pilot episode of The Good Wife:

Would I be ok with starting from the very bottom if I was as old as the partners of the company?

There often comes this power of being the youngest at a company or at a position. The youth speaks volumes: Even though I am inexperienced, I bring much wealth of knowledge to you…and you know that I will be more experienced than you when I retire. Do the older people shake with fear that someone younger can upstage them?

Could I? Whenever the thought that I chose the wrong field crosses my mind, I know that switching to another field means starting at the bottom. And yet, so what? With the supposed experience, any age can power through the bottom rungs of a ladder.

I can’t help but admit that I am sometimes jealous of the kids that skipped a grade in middle school or high school. And they say how they started college at the tender age of 16. From my perspective now, I consider those naive years of struggling on the playground and in meaningless class…to be a complete waste. Or was it? Or perhaps they laid the groundwork for the way I went about in college and graduate school?

When I was 11, I was the oldest in my Saturday Chinese class…of 6 and 5 year olds. My sister—a year younger—wouldn’t mentor the kids. Admittingly, we felt inferior to the fact that these younger kids were sometimes better than us. But if I had swallowed away that inferiority, would things be different and could I excel faster?

Also, an additional question, will The Good Wife be canceled soon?

Question from TV Shows #2: 6 months

From the pilot episode of FlashForward:

If I had a glimpse of my future 6 months ago of right now, would I change anything?

Because 6 months ago, if I had a snapshot of what I am doing now — typing in a blog entry, finishing cupcakes, feeling sore from baking all day…would I behave differently? Would this “flash forward” influence some of my decisions?

Six months ago, I did not know about:

  • The current job that I have now—in fact, I didn’t interview for it yet and had been pestering the managing partner for weeks
  • Certain relationships that I discovered when I visited Vegas
  • The importance of organic foods
  • That a fellow friend…and another person that I was formerly close to…were entering grad school at my alma mater
  • That I would embarrass myself unnecessarily at the magic curry kart
  • More importantly, I did not know of the existence of food carts in San Francisco
  • Biking around the city would be comfortable for me
  • Would successfully host a party for Chris
  • Would be asked to participate at the money diaries which I still haven’t finished…
  • And with all that knowledge, would I behave differently? In overview, I would say that nothing has changed. I still harbor the same social anxiety, the same needs, the same desires…but if I knew what happened in 6 months, would I make different choices?

    Would I have baked the cosmo cupcake or the mojito cupcake?

    Question from TV Shows #1

    Because I have been mandated to try out comcast digital cable for the next two months, I have fallen in the habit of watching a lot of TV every night. Which also means that my brain feels somewhat less sharp than it used to. Not that it was very sharp to begin with.

    *alert: spoilers possible*

    From the most recent episode of Glee:

    Can you get pregnant in a hot tub?

    It sounded like a fable. An old wives’ tale. But as I watched the episode, I immediately googled “pregnant hot tub”. I got mixed answers from sperm loving the hot tub environment to deadly chemicals to sperm. What’s the answer if the interwebz don’t help.

    Also, how many sad, naive teenagers will go online to either realize the answer based on poorly formed answers on Yahoo answers or research it thoroughly to find a medically credible website?