Question from TV Shows #2: 6 months

From the pilot episode of FlashForward:

If I had a glimpse of my future 6 months ago of right now, would I change anything?

Because 6 months ago, if I had a snapshot of what I am doing now — typing in a blog entry, finishing cupcakes, feeling sore from baking all day…would I behave differently? Would this “flash forward” influence some of my decisions?

Six months ago, I did not know about:

  • The current job that I have now—in fact, I didn’t interview for it yet and had been pestering the managing partner for weeks
  • Certain relationships that I discovered when I visited Vegas
  • The importance of organic foods
  • That a fellow friend…and another person that I was formerly close to…were entering grad school at my alma mater
  • That I would embarrass myself unnecessarily at the magic curry kart
  • More importantly, I did not know of the existence of food carts in San Francisco
  • Biking around the city would be comfortable for me
  • Would successfully host a party for Chris
  • Would be asked to participate at the money diaries which I still haven’t finished…
  • And with all that knowledge, would I behave differently? In overview, I would say that nothing has changed. I still harbor the same social anxiety, the same needs, the same desires…but if I knew what happened in 6 months, would I make different choices?

    Would I have baked the cosmo cupcake or the mojito cupcake?

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