Question from TV Shows #3:

From the pilot episode of The Good Wife:

Would I be ok with starting from the very bottom if I was as old as the partners of the company?

There often comes this power of being the youngest at a company or at a position. The youth speaks volumes: Even though I am inexperienced, I bring much wealth of knowledge to you…and you know that I will be more experienced than you when I retire. Do the older people shake with fear that someone younger can upstage them?

Could I? Whenever the thought that I chose the wrong field crosses my mind, I know that switching to another field means starting at the bottom. And yet, so what? With the supposed experience, any age can power through the bottom rungs of a ladder.

I can’t help but admit that I am sometimes jealous of the kids that skipped a grade in middle school or high school. And they say how they started college at the tender age of 16. From my perspective now, I consider those naive years of struggling on the playground and in meaningless class…to be a complete waste. Or was it? Or perhaps they laid the groundwork for the way I went about in college and graduate school?

When I was 11, I was the oldest in my Saturday Chinese class…of 6 and 5 year olds. My sister—a year younger—wouldn’t mentor the kids. Admittingly, we felt inferior to the fact that these younger kids were sometimes better than us. But if I had swallowed away that inferiority, would things be different and could I excel faster?

Also, an additional question, will The Good Wife be canceled soon?

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