2022: Writing

Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing and can you eliminate it?

In 2010, I said everything. In 2015, I said fear. In 2016, I said that it’s sitting down and doing it.
In 2017, I said that it was work.
In 2018, I said that it was lack of support. In 2019, it really was the lack of accountability. In 2020, I said that it was about losing my creative space to WFH, but it really was about setting time for it. In 2021, I said that it was work.

In contrast to previous years, I did so much this year in terms of writing—writing workshops, building a community, joining a community, various writing groups (I have like 4 right now). Although right now, a certain of exhaustion is catching up (and work?) is taking up my mental space. I wonder though that, at least for this month, I am worried about Chris’ wellbeing. Is he okay, I think. Will he be okay? Has he been fed? I know that it’s a trope of a female partner, but it shouldn’t be that way.

I know that if I commit myself like when I did NaNoWriMo or 1000daysofsummer, I do it. I dedicate one hour every day to making it happen. But now that I don’t have that challenge, I just let the evening just fly by. Scrolling, watching tee vee, making food, etc.

In order to get past all of that, it’s probably setting the time each day. I remember the advice that someone said—just make the time each day. But maybe it’s about creating the energy each day even if it’s not writing. I don’t believe in writing daily, but I believe in finding the inspiration every day. I need to let myself wonder and ponder. I need to let myself discover. So maybe it’s about reading something each day, a place to write down ideas, and a community to say things. Each day so much that it becomes a habit, right?

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