Sigh, it has been one week! :(

I have always disliked the Berkeley post office. Out of the usual anxiety, I rushed to the post office to mail off my applications. When I arrived, they were serving number 12 and I had number 33. I waited impatiently for about 45 minutes while one worker took his time to put boxes into a cart. Sure, he is entitled to not break his back…but look at that line of 30 people! Did I mention that by the time they were serving me, people were getting numbers in the sixties? I couldn’t understand a single word of the ebonics-speaking postal worker. “Ya wanna only two stamped and additional?” he asked. I sputtered some non-understandable confusion, probably increasing the post office disgruntleness.

The visited ___ is a nice tool for bragging rights, but nothing more. All the countries I have ever visited!!! All it really shows is how I tend to stay in 5-star hotels.

What really shows my supposed traveling is the states I visited. Of course notice how I have neglected the majority of the South (except for Florida but we all know that this state doesn\’t really count)

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  1. You\’ve been to too many places, I shall steal some of them. Oh, and your tracker thing is broken, I\’m on XP/Opera with the same IP and it still says I AM UNKNOWN.

  2. INDEED I DO. I visit your blog often enough :P I was just half-wondering why it no longer worked…It\’s not like I moved or anything.

  3. it wasn\’t my tracker since it\’s only a php script and doesn\’t check for anything except your ip. :p your ip address changed.

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