One day I want my blog to be cited in a scholarly publication, but I am just not at that level yet. :( Maybe…the day I become a professor if that ever happens.

This is rather cute. A UCLA law professor\’s analysis of a publication was cited in a Harvard law professor\’s paper! How tech savvy. (I like his reasoning for not opening the blog to commenting plus his law only theme of his blog — for me, I have problems straying away from personal events/issues in my blog.) But imagine the possibilities of a professor could actually raise his tenure by blogging (if only)!

A few years ago, one of my former friends accused me of being too blunt and too honest in my online journal (back in the day when I didn\’t know what censoring meant). Basically, it was berating the existence of an online journal. The irony! And now, it seems as if everyone has an online journal. Specifically a xanga. To my surprise, I have discovered that many of my Berkeley friends have a xanga. It\’s almost like a xanga war. To anyone who asks me what blogging is, I only have to say, \”It\’s like a Xanga\” or \”A xanga is a blog.\” Or ever attempt to ask the question, \”Heard of a xanga?\”

A list of links so that I can categorize them myself later (note to self: most people don\’t even know I read their xanga): Kyle the coworker (who I thought for the longest time name was Brandon although we chatted regularly for the last semester), Kun (who is going to be at CMU next year too!), my good friend Karen (who will be in Boston at MIT — close to me!), Cliff (DOINNNK!), Amy (who sort of disappeared after she graduated last semester), Eric (from summer internship, we drifted apart), Doug, Peggy, James, Lydia, cousin Jeff, a former friend named Mike

And lastly, this one. She was the major player in the fight that I call the 3 am incident. We haven\’t talked since that day. A few days ago, I decided to meander through my list of old links. To my surprise, I found that she had a girlfriend. That she wasn\’t just straight. Good for her. I suppose I shouldn\’t be that surprised considering I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and the majority of the managers where I work are not straight.