Always make sure to note when a party starts. So I had assumed that Aaron\’s party was going to start at 6 pm and arrived there fashionably late (in my terms, that\’s 20 minutes) to discover that the party wasn\’t supposed to start until 7 pm.

So I got handed the opportunity of helping Aaron in the kitchen since I arrived early. Whoops, i think.

Reminder to self: lateness is always a good option

Your mission is to determine and describe the cognitive category structures instantiated by the organization of goods in a local supermarket of your choice.

That was my assignment for cog sci 101. SWEETSER. :p And that was the reason that I was in Safeway for 2.5 hours on a Friday night. If you wanted to know, I was the one with a notepad jotting down notes how all the items are categorized-whether by their type, their brandname…blah blah.

All I can say is…that there is a lot of CHEEZ (no pun intended) available in most sections. And that the ankle I twisted two weeks ago is hurting more now than before. :(

But I awarded myself by buying a cheesecake.

forgot to say these:

MANY WUBBLES TO NAIM FOR RESTORING MY ONLY BACKUP FROM JUNE 2002 (yes that\’s why there is actually a REAL archive) :D :D :D

superficiality shall ensue here on the blog while my deeper thoughts and insightfulness will remain in my journal (ask for access).

in other news, school sucks.

always liked this disclaimer.

so apparently, people had some problems about me blogging about them. That\’s okay, of course. But normally I do not remove my entries because someone has a problem with it. I will only remove it to protect their reputation, because people do have a right to privacy. Let me emphasize again…all the judgements and opinions I make are purely mine. However, that does not mean they change over time. My blog is a place for me to express my thoughts. I put them online to share the ideas (and keep people up to date), but they are not to be analyzed over and over again.

However, I do keep a private online journal that only certain people will have access too. :)

I am going to say it now. I am disappointed that my cs homework overtook my evening and I couldn\’t go to the dark alley to complete a task.

Drama queen is here, but drama queen has no place to act.

After reading Lydia\’s first post on her xanga, I remembered how I had used to dislike the very idea of journaling. I am not talking about journaling online, but the idea of keeping a diary. But then, my aunt gave me a diary and for kicks, I wrote in it.

Somehow along the way, I wanted my diary to reflect my strengths and my growth. And that\’s why I started writing in it sporadically. Then I decided to write a bit online…this was my first post ever:
Today is June 1, 1999. Yesterday I was forced to work with my history group. We are doing a project on the fifties. The fifties! A member of that group made us change from the nineties (which I really wanted) to the fifties. Fine, be that way! I am not a happy person. So we worked on our project.
I drove there by the way. It was amazing that I didn\’t scratch my mom\’s car. I am not the greatest driver. About a month ago, while making a U-turn, I ruined the tire. My parents weren\’t really mad. Although my mom went insane for a couple of minutes. But, you know, things calm down. The amazing part was that I was able to drive through a narrow road up a narrow driveway. I am alive! My friend, who is a member of my group, offered to turn the car around for me. How nice! I would have miscalculated the trees and the other cars there. When I was leaving, some guy, another member of my group, tailgated me all the way home. It pissed me off. Hey…at least I don\’t speed. I was only driving five miles above the speed limit. According to the driver\’s handbook issued by DMV, you\’re supposed to speed up when you are being tailgated. You\’re not supposed to pull over because the tailgater might just follow you and crash into you. Really. It was an adventure for me. In particular. Two more weeks of school! yay! I got my yearbook today. The strangest part is that my mom had only ordered on yearbook for my sister and me (yes, we were supposed to share or something), but somehow we each got a yearbook. Quite strange, but quite lucky! Now I can have my very own yearbook. However several years later we wouldn\’t care…

Well, apparently I am still not ready to come with terms with my past. Right after Cheez went sleepy (BECAUSE HE COULDN\’T STAY UP WITH MEEEEEEE), I suddenly got hit by nostalgia and looked through pictures with my first bf. I must admit the first thing that came to mind…do i look thinner then?…was that girl thing.

The reason that the whole nostalgia thing came up was because of v-day. I think the reason that I started a v-day thing last year was because I wanted to escape the pain of having nobody when I had someone for the first time the year before. When I was with my first bf, on v-day he had sent me a letter with an assortment of candy hearts. I had sent him a bouquet (through a friend of his…who delivered to his second period class) of tulips because he had told me once that he had never seen them beyond those in pictures. The pictures only had us smiling. I remembered how we would talk about them afterewards saying which ones were good shots and which were not. Laughing about them… And for an instant, I thought that I could see myself talking to him like I used to…when we were best friends without any thought of a \”romance\”.

So I had decided that I would head over to his website. And suddenly waves of envy and pain returned. And the feelings did not leave as I skimmed down the log. It feels like yesterday when he said those words to me. And it only seemed like a minute ago that I had stood at the staircase wondering which way my life would turn.

Sometimes a second ago seems like now.