In these extreme situations, what will you do?

1. You have less than 24 hours to live.
I want to live without regrets and the worst regret is to do nothing. Yet at the same time, to have lived to the fullest with respect and integrity. Cross the lines that I could not before? Apologize to those that I have hurt? And most importantly, spend the last few moments with those who you love?

Yet life will go on without me.

2. Tomorrow is the end of the world.
Here, there are no consequences. Tomorrow is all that matters, because there is nothing beyond tomorrow. Would I spent time with the ones who I trust to survive? So that I am not alone.

Yet life will not go on.

This illness here

What illness taunts me so?
To test the waters
and forget to tread?

My body knows its limits
but I never say no
as my eyes scream to close
and the aches want to lie still

Here I forever wait
for the promised soup
So delivered to my waiting hands