p0rn 4 women

This I think is great porn. From Porn For Women. A paperback!

Other great ones:

I don’t have to have a reason to bring you flowers.

Hold that thought for a second. I want to pull over to ask for directions.

As soon as I finish the laundry, I’ll do the grocery shopping. And I’ll take the kids with me so you can relax.

Why don’t I get a minivan, so you can drive something fun?


One of my classmates in my masters program…didn’t like being called out. Just because he’s the author of Quicksilver. The classmate even admonished me at one point for mentioning it to other people…but well so it goes.

But now he is on video. (Thanks Sam.)

All I can say is that he has good taste in music and food.

On the edge of falling

At the Exploratorium today, I was selected as one of the 3 “lucky volunteers” to help destroy the exhibit aptly named On the Edge of Falling.

That is, they were handing out popsicle sticks and only three of them had a red dot.

I nervously walked in, thinking that I should have given the reins to a younger kid, but no I wanted to destroy the sphere made out of wooden blocks all carefully held together by geometry and physics. No fasteners, no glue, nothing. Like a sphere made out of jenga pieces. I wanted to run into the sphere to make it fall apart, but of course, I would have blocks hit my head.

It had already survived a 3.1 earthquake and the artist said it was time to…fall. Especially since it’s in a place like the exploratorium where things are moving, completed, experimented, not to be looked at.

I felt slightly silly as I stood there, the oldest over the threshold. A staff member asked for our name and introduced us to the crowd. She gave each of us a rope which was attached to a wooden block. She then had everyone count with her…3…2…1! And we watched it fall apart into pieces, making a loud clatter as it settled into large piles of wood. She said that everyone could take as many pieces as we wanted. So I got one for Shipra, one for Braden and the block that held my piece of rope. I climbed over the threshold…feeling oddly accomplished.

I am in red standing to the left.

I am a lucky volunteer!


It is done

I would just like to add how Chris was very jealous that he wasn’t there. And most of all, he wasn’t there to pull the rope. Too bad his mom was visiting this labor day weekend and she wanted to do family stuff around the bay!

Lesson from TV

Felicity taught me to believe that time is never the test of friendship. It’s often the bond and loyalty that matters than the length.

Ally Mcbeal taught me that if I am going to be hurt, I should experience the pain right now rather than putting it off.

Seinfeld taught me that I can always manipulate any truth I was about to say. i.e. “I have always loved you…” And then later, “I have always loved united.”

24 taught me never to trust my neighbors. Also, that no matter how much I destroy my hard drive, it can always be recovered in some way. To this day, I take comfort in that fact having not backed up for 2 months.

Grey’s Anatomy taught me to stand on the front porch swigging a bottle of tequila so that I will look cool.

Sex and the City taught me to never to keep my nice shoes within sight in a no-shoes party.