If I could fix anything, I would fix this

On hearing that a friend did Lasik recently, I declared that there would be nothing I would fix. Plastic surgery?! Such an abomination to my morals!

But then wait! There is one thing. As a constant sufferer of a runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing, now that is one thing I would fix. If I didn’t have to sit in an important meeting and be distracted by an annoying internal pinching inside my nose that can mean only one thing. Clear liquid will pour out. Then my eyes will water.

And I would have to fake my attention because of that pinching. I will take a tissue and rub my nose, catching some of the liquid. But no, it’s never enough! The tissue becomes wet and I became anxious, because the tissue is not in the same room.

And by god, this is in front of a client. What will the client think of someone who is constantly sick in their meetings and not capable of answering a question coherently.

I contemplate living in an empty room with no pillows or blanket.

But argh! So later, I decided to take an antihistamine—hit it all…AT ONCE. And it hits, but so hard that I am so drowsy. There’s a cloud over my world and I literally fall asleep at my desk.

When was the last time that I had a clear mind and non-soggy face?

And thus, it would be my allergies. If there was a miraculous cure. I am game.